Florida Concealed Weapons Permit Classes in South Florida

Florida Concealed Weapons Permit Classes in South Florida (Private Tuition)

Our Florida Concealed Weapons Permit classes are professional 4 to 5 hour private training classes, they are NOT quick fix, fire one shot Gun Show or Pawn Shop deals!

We provide high quality training for professional clients.


These courses are for civilians, no previous experience required


All of our tactical firearms training courses offered in the U.S. and overseas exceed the requirements for the FL concealed weapons permit (The Florida gun permit). If you are a legal U.S. resident, 21 years of age or older and of good character,* you are entitled to a concealed weapons permit in Florida. We provide the FL conceled weapons permit class and certification so you can demonstrate competency with a firearm, which, is a requirement for your FL CCW - CWP application.

Meet our specialist weapons and tactical instructors

We aim our Florida concealed weapons permit classes at professional men and women who want high quality tactical firearms training in a comfortable environment. We only provide private one-to-one tuition for individuals and groups; this ensures you get personal and high quality firearms training. Our concealed weapons permit classes in the Miami and Ft Lauderdale areas of South Florida are the most professional and best value for money available. Our four hour FL concealed weapons permit classes are taught in a relaxed, ego free and informal environment. These classes are run by appointment only to fit into our clients schedules -just let us know when you want your Florida concealed weapons permit class.

We pride ourselves on providing a high standard of customer service; our instructors are there to answer our students questions and to do their best to ensure our student are comfortable using firearms. This is something you will not get with a budget, public group Florida concealed carry permit class (Florida gun permit class).

If you are taking another one of our tactical firearms classes and want to use that as your requirement for the concealed weapons permit in Florida, let us know and we will provide you with additional information on FL concealed carry requirements and laws.

The fees for our Florida concealed weapons permit classes in South Florida are: $150.00 for private individual tuition

Married couple, life-partner and group discounts available for the Florida concealed weapons permit classes in South Florida (Florida gun permit class). Students pay their own ranges fees and for their ammunition (50 rounds), targets, eye and ear protection. The fee includes: certificate for the Florida gun permit and use of handguns.

Our Florida gun permit class is the best value for money available if you want a concealed weapons permit in Florida. Read our references, check our experience and prices, then compare them to our competitors. If you don't train with us, then you are not training! FL CCW - CWP classes are held in the Ft Lauderdale and Miami areas.