Maritime Security Services in Florida and Europe

Maritime Security Services in Florida and Europe

We run kidnap and ransom training courses for individuals and private groups by appointment, we also run public courses on set dates. The public courses are only advertised to those on our mailing lists, to be added to our mailing list contact us at:

Risks Inc. offers a full range of yacht and maritime security guard and anti piracy services. We provide down to earth and cost effective solutions for both commercial and private vessels and their crews. Our personnel have many years experience of operating with large and small vessels in both military and commercial environments.

Maritime piracy is a threat that is on the increase; targets for modern day pirates range from oil tankers to private mega yachts. What many people forget is that, when at sea, a vessel must be able to protect itself, as any form of help could be hours away, assuming that the crew can raise an alarm in time and if anyone can be bothered to respond.

As with many of our services, our yacht and maritime security services are based on the real world experiences of our personnel. Our clients can be assured they are being provided with no-nonsense tactics and techniques that will work in a hostile situation.

Our maritime security services in Florida and Europe includes:

  • Maritime vessel and yacht security guards
  • Threat assessments for vessels and voyages
  • Maritime security and anti maritime piracy training for crews
  • Provision of maritime security and anti maritime piracy consultants (armed where legal)
  • Provision of maritime security personnel (armed where legal)
  • Maritime vessel / yacht recovery
  • Maritime terrorism prevention training
  • Maritime saftey and security teams
  • Maritime transportation security
  • Provision of tailored ISPS compliant ship security manuals
  • ISPS & MarSec training
  • International background checks on crew members
  • Shore side support services

We have maritime security services and anti maritime piracy consultants located in: Belgrade, Serbia; Miami, Ft Lauderdale, South Florida; Athens Greece; Port au Prince Haiti; Providenciales, Turks & Caicos Islands; Caracas, Venezuela; Quito, Ecuador; Europe; the Caribbean and Latin America.

All inquiries about our yacht / maritime security services in Florida and Europe and client information are kept strictly confidential